In order to appropriately treat cystic acne, it is important to learn exactly what it is. Medical professionals often refer to this type of acne as “Nodulocystic Acne”. These professionals agree that this is the most severe of all types of acne vulgaris. The breakouts associated with cystic acne are considered to be extremely deep and severely inflamed. It is common for breakouts to occur on the face, but they may also occur on other areas of the body as well.

While some of the blemishes may be small, they have the potential to become extremely large. In many cases, one blemish has the capability to grow several centimeters in length and/or diameter. The cysts are mostly soft and are filled with fluid. Most of the time, these sores are tender and may result in pain. Hard sores may also occur. These are identified as “Nodules”. Nodules are considered to be highly painful and occur underneath the surface of the skin. These are deep and take an extremely long time to heal.

Cystic Acne Causes

When learning how to treat cystic acne successfully, it is important to learn the causes of this particular type of acne. Not only will it make treating the condition easier, it will also help you to successfully prevent the issue from developing. One of the most common causes of this condition are oil glands that are considered to be overactive. In many instances, an excessive amount of skin cells that are considered to be dead will clog up a pore.

When there is a high amount of debris situated in the pore, a blemish will occur. In addition to the aforementioned causes, this type of acne may develop when there is an excessive amount of acne producing bacterium present on the skin. It is important to understand when learning how to treat cystic acne successfully that it is not caused by improper hygiene, sugar, or other factors that the sufferer is responsible for.

How to Treat Cystic Acne

Now that you understand the facts regarding this type of acne, it is important to learn what strategies may be used to successfully treat the condition. While it is true that there are some natural solutions that have proven to be quite effective for this condition, it is so severe that it typically requires a medical treatment. The following treatments are considered to be effective solutions for cystic acne:

1. Many doctors prescribe medications that are considered to be “Systemic”. These are medications that directly impact the body as a whole. An example of this type of treatment for acne related conditions is a medication that is professionally identified as “Accutane”.

2. Many doctors will recommend that a cystic acne sufferer indulges in a treatment that is referred to as “Isotretinoin”. This is an oral medication that works against severe acne by reducing the size of the oil glands that are part of the skin. By shrinking these glands, dirt and other types of debris does not have the capability of invading the pore and cause blemishes.

3. Many women that suffer from cystic acne are prescribed oral based contraceptives. These pills combine two types of hormones. The first type is progestin and the second type is estrogen. By taking these pills, the amount of testosterone that a female has in her body is drastically reduced. As a result, the female experiences fewer severe acne outbreaks.

4. There are certain types of injections that may be taken. These are referred to as “Intralesional Corticosteroid” based injections. The medication contained within this needle is placed directly into the blemish. This medication assists in reducing the inflammation caused by the blemish, therefore reducing both the size and the appearance.

5. In addition to the treatments listed above, a surgical incision may be made directly into the blemish. The doctor then extracts all of the dirt, debris, and other types of material contained within the blemish.

As you can see, learning how to treat cystic acne may prove to be a challenging task. However, by knowing what the condition is, how it occurs, and the standard treatment methods used by professionals, you have the capability to successfully reduce the pain, inflammation, and appearance of the cystic acne that you suffer from. Despite the pain and embarrassment associated with this type of acne, it is possible to rid yourself of the complication. Simply follow the steps highlighted in this guide on how to treat cystic acne and you will discover that you can enjoy clean, clear skin.